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Features and functionalities

Complete voucher recharging

  • Physical vouchers (scratch cards)
  • Electronic vouchers (eVouchers) for electronic distribution
  • Bill payment (for postpaid subscribers)
  • 3rd party voucher import
  • Multi HRN

Activation channels

  • SMS GW (SMS C)
  • ATM GW
  • Web Portal

Recharging use cases

  • End user voucher recharge
  • Administrative recharge (Customer Care)
  • Batch recharge
  • Direct recharge
  • Transfer
  • External API recharge

Promotional services

  • One-time bonus recharging
  • Distributed bonus/incentive recharging
  • New tariff activation
  • Free items
  • Gift vouchers

Additional Features

  • Complete voucher / PIN lifecycle management
  • Vouchers on-demand generation
  • Vouchers import from 3rd party systems
  • Preparation and delivery of vouchers/PINs to printing companies, or to systems for electronic voucher distribution (like Xdistributor)
  • Voucher activation on a subscriber or application request
  • Voucher housekeeping
  • Flexible loyalty and campaign management possibilities (Gift vouchers, Incentives, Promotions)
  • Customer Care and Self Care
  • Settlement support
  • Business Analytics Suite
  • Prepaid system independent
  • Support for recharging requests from all activation channels (IVR, Media Gateways, USSD, SMS, WEB, WAP, Payment Gateway integration support, PIN-less recharging, Open Webservices API)
  • Multitenant
  • High performance
  • High data security
  • White-labeling options
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-operator
  • Support for all types of operators

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