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An integral and comprehensive electronic payment solution for cities with a support for eVouchers, ticketing, stored value account and contactless cards.


The citycard solution offers a way of enabling guests and citizens a better quality of life and also the means to increase the accessibility of various city features, to decrease the price of services and to save time. Citycard is a means to sell city services in a quick and modern way. Xcitycard 2.0 (central server application) and XcitycardEFTPOS 2.0  (terminal application) answer these needs.


Xcitycard 2.0 offers a complete and comprehensive support for card payment and a production of monetary vouchers offered by the city to its citizens and guests. The system offers the solution for integration with the existing business and IT environments used by the city, as well as for the creation and management of the payment life-cycle, provision of cards and vouchers through various channels or sales clients, the catalogue of products offered by the city, support for the creation of product bundles, support for campaigns and the loyalty system, management of partners and partner provisions, the analytical module and reporting.


XcitycardEFTPOS 2.0 is a complementary solution: a terminal application which enables an end-to-end connection between the point of sale and the location at which the voucher is used. This application also enables the card payment and authentication, printing of vouchers on points of sale, scanning vouchers via barcodes and the numerical use of vouchers if the barcode is damaged.


Xcitycard 2.0 and XcitycardEFTPOS2.0 are systems whose important role is to impose high standards in secure access and monetary voucher encryption, which is the basic requirement for the successful realization of a solution.



  • Increase attractiveness of the city services and products by enabling simplified electronic payment
  • Improve quality of life by improving relationship between city hall and citizens
  • Improving cost efficiency
  • Simplify usage of city services for tourists and citizens
  • Increase loyalty of the tourists and citizens
  • Comply with the green trend:
    • Decreasing volume of classic tickets in transactions where possible
    • Encourage people to use public transportation, offering discounted fares
  • Introduce flexible loyalty schemes and membership statuses

Key benefits

  • Widening number of potential consumers
  • Rich in features, yet easy to use and setup
  • Fast deployment
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX
  • Fast ROI
  • Global availability and support


End of Support for Xrecharge 2.0

Applicon is announcing End of Support for the product Xrecharge 2.0 on date 31.07.2018.
After this date, Applicon will no longer provide technical support, develop, repair, maintain, or test the product software.

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