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Service provider’s, processor’s or aggregator’s best choice for organization of an efficient multilevel distribution network for digital goods like eTopup, eVoucher, eBill, eLoyalty, and front end for electronic payment.

Xdistributor solution is a state of the art system designed to support multiple use cases for electronic goods and electronic payment distribution. The first example of the Xdistributor use is on-line Top-up and delivery of e-vouchers in the prepaid communications service provider network, where monetary vouchers are delivered through EFT POS device (payment terminal), retail PC POS, e-kiosk, ATMs, WEB, mobile device or using any other delivery channel, to the end-customer, thus substituting the costly and user unfriendly use of scratch cards.


Xdistributor is an ideal solution to support the electronic bill, invoice or debt presentment and payment. By using various sales channels it provides a multipurpose payment touch point and administration environment for the payment eco-system.

Xdistributor has the integration capabilities to be seamlessly integrated to different 3rd party bill payment systems such as Account Receivables.

Xdistributor supports loyalty programs, money transfer, online Top-up and other advanced scenarios, all on the same services delivery device, i.e. EFT POS terminal, PC POS, mobile device, web, etc.

The application provides an off the shelf analytics suite with great flexibility.

The retail channel can easily be extended to cover more geographical locations even in remote areas wherever there is a mobile network available. Low entry costs for retailers, as all they need is a low cost mobile phone to start the business, helps expand reach.


End of Support for Xrecharge 2.0

Applicon is announcing End of Support for the product Xrecharge 2.0 on date 31.07.2018.
After this date, Applicon will no longer provide technical support, develop, repair, maintain, or test the product software.

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Applicon @ Merchant Payment Ecosystem

We are here with Merchants, innovative start-ups, PSPs, payment processors, regulators, POS HW and SW providers, MNOs and others.

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Applicon @ ICE Totally Gaming

ICE is the only b2b gaming event that brings together the online and offline gaming sectors. Here, we are supporting our partner Payallo with innovative i-Cash payment solution.

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