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Features and functionalities

Complete voucher recharging

  • Physical vouchers (scratch cards)
  • Electronic vouchers (eVouchers) for electronic distribution
  • Bill payment (for postpaid subscribers)
  • 3rd party voucher import
  • Multi HRN

Activation channels

  • SMS GW (SMS C)
  • ATM GW
  • Web Portal

Recharging use cases

  • End user voucher recharge
  • Administrative recharge (Customer Care)
  • Batch recharge
  • Direct recharge
  • Transfer
  • External API recharge

Promotional services

  • One-time bonus recharging
  • Distributed bonus/incentive recharging
  • New tariff activation
  • Free items
  • Gift vouchers

Additional Features

  • Complete voucher / PIN lifecycle management
  • Vouchers on-demand generation
  • Vouchers import from 3rd party systems
  • Preparation and delivery of vouchers/PINs to printing companies, or to systems for electronic voucher distribution (like Xdistributor)
  • Voucher activation on a subscriber or application request
  • Voucher housekeeping
  • Flexible loyalty and campaign management possibilities (Gift vouchers, Incentives, Promotions)
  • Customer Care and Self Care
  • Settlement support
  • Business Analytics Suite
  • Prepaid system independent
  • Support for recharging requests from all activation channels (IVR, Media Gateways, USSD, SMS, WEB, WAP, Payment Gateway integration support, PIN-less recharging, Open Webservices API)
  • Multitenant
  • High performance
  • High data security
  • White-labeling options
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-operator
  • Support for all types of operators

End of Support for Xrecharge 2.0

Applicon is announcing End of Support for the product Xrecharge 2.0 on date 31.07.2018.
After this date, Applicon will no longer provide technical support, develop, repair, maintain, or test the product software.

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Applicon @ Merchant Payment Ecosystem

We are here with Merchants, innovative start-ups, PSPs, payment processors, regulators, POS HW and SW providers, MNOs and others.

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Applicon @ ICE Totally Gaming

ICE is the only b2b gaming event that brings together the online and offline gaming sectors. Here, we are supporting our partner Payallo with innovative i-Cash payment solution.

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